I thought B.F. Skinner’s concept of control and counter control in social behavior was really interesting.  Control is when we are victims of our thoughts and feelings.  Control is also when people can influence our emotions, and when they do, they also can control someone’s behavior.  The opposite of control is counter control and that is when we can change our environment and that will effect our behavior. Counter control is a way that people can regain their freedom. It is also considered an escape behavior. I know I mostly have characteristics of control in my life. Usually if someone is upset or mad, it does effect my own emotions. I really can’t get past someone else’s feelings who is close to me, because it does effect myself and how I feel.  I think some people can agree. When you are fighting with your best friend or parent, you probably will feel upset until things are settled.  I also do know some people who follow counter control. A lot of people do this when they want to avoid something completely. They may try to forget about something that happened or the way someone feels so that they feel better about themselves. 


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  2. The theory of countercontrol is very similar to the locus of control theory that was developed around the same time. If you're really interested in this principle I highly recommend a book about the locus of control principle and its application of a Jewish WWII prisoner in a concentration camp. It's called "Man's Search for Meaning" by Viktor Frankl.

  3. i know i'm one of those people who use avoidance as a counter control behavior. when i feel a situation may make me upset or knowing something may make me upset i avoid it all together.


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