While reading over the chapters that we we assigned too, I found reading about behavior was the most interesting topic that I came across. Reading about  Classical Conditioning really fascinated me. I love how people and animals learn though this learning mechanism.  It is especially interesting how dogs learn.  I love how the dog hears a specific sound and associates it with something such as food. It is interesting how they learn from smell and are able to find their way to food.  Smell seems to be a huge part of our behavior.  Even humans associate smell an experience.  Smell can remind you of someone, some thing, or some place. 
It is interesting how behavior is learned. I love the things that we pick up and learn things from other people as we observe them.  Overall all of the chapters that we read were very interesting and had a lot of new information.  I learned a lot about how behavior works and hoe behavior is learned.    


  1. I like how you mentioned smell in your post. I think our senses play a huge role in humans. Smell can elicit old memories or remind you of a certain place you once were. It's very interesting and was one of my favorite parts to read about in our behavior.

  2. I also find the conditioning very interesting and I'm learning a lot about how behavior and learning works. I am hoping that by the time we're done this class I will be able to teach my dog some new, more complex tricks with the conditioning techniques we're learning about.


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