Monday, May 23, 2011


  Behavior and what drives us to do the things we do. Why do we behave the way we do, why do we all behave and react to things differently, and what stimulates us to do what we do weather positive or negative. After reviewing slide shows one, two and three; could thoughts be studied without observing behavior? In my opinion no because you think to take action therefore action which can be translated into behavior can allow a person to understand or assume what the individual was thinking and/ or feeling. It is in fact people’s behavior that matters it dictate whether or not you want to be around the person. Someone who executes themselves in a particular fashion maybe similar to yours one in a way in which you admire encourages you to continue to be around that person.  Also mentioned that what we say is also behavior; verbal behavior. This also dictates whether or not you wish to surround yourself by the individual because it also is a judge of character and the overall behavior of the person.
     The flaws in behavior are Behavioral Excesses, Behavioral Deficits, and Inappropriate behavior. Behavioral Excesses as in over-eating, excessive alcohol consumption, which in itself alters behavior especially excessive alcohol consumption. These behavior excesses can also be the result of over compensation and used as a way to deal and cope with difficult life experiences. Behavioral Deficits as in shyness, procrastination, Lack of motivation, can isolate someone therefore lacking interacting skills. This behavior down fall can also be the result of an illness or disorder.  Inappropriate behavior when a problem is when and where certain behavior occurs, rather than what it is -- as in exhibitionism. I believe anyone can experience inappropriate behavior at someone point or situation in their life. Technology of behavior I believe is influence through time and maturity, situations and experiences and the overall of wanting to change any which of these behavioral flaws.
     Anything can influence behavior. ANYTHING! “Control; we are victims of our thoughts and feelings, when others influence our emotions they gain control of our behavior. Counter control; we can deliberately change our environment and circumstances which will in turn effect our behavior.” It is so easy, especial as a female (stereotypically), to allow your emotions to gain power of you. It then not only effects your overall domineer it can then affect relationships, work behavior, driving, etc to where you have absolutely to control over what is going on in your life. Everyone has their own way of coping, while some may struggle to gain control of their emotions. On a more positive note, some believe the myth that when you are truly in love in influences your behavior, it make you “stupid” and you become a selfless person and you have this new obsession in which your life now  revolves around. That can manipulate your behavior; drastically, whether it is for better or worse. To counter control your emotions is not always easy but is an opinion. You can get out of the situation, vacation, therapy whatever tactic that allows you to regain control over your emotions and behavior.
     I believe we are essentially driven by emotions. Male or female, it is our emotions that inspire us to create our lives and to behave in a certain fashion. Why do we behave the way we do, why do we all behave and react to things differently; our past and the way it which it affected us determines how we will handle and cope with similar situations. What stimulates us to do what we do weather positive or negative; emotions effect behavior, and depending on different responses to our behavior then with determine how we will want to behave.
A simple and brief example;

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  1. I agree that we are majorly driven by our emotions. Depending on a particular outcome (whether we like or dislike the outcome to a particular behavior) will most likely determine if we want to behave that way or not depending how that particular outcome effects us emotionally.