Friday, November 24, 2017

Web Tool Smackdown- EDpuzzle

For my web tool smackdown, I decided to use EDpuzzle. I have recently used it in one of my other classes this semester and I found it to be really fascinating. EDpuzzle is defined as a site where you can select a YouTube video and edit it by recording an audio, adding questions within the video, and cropping it. It's very useful for a teacher because it's a visual for students which is very helpful when it comes to learning a new lesson. Students can also use this site in a student's point of view and can use it for a project or a homework assignment. Students can even use it as a way to study.

For my EDpuzzle lesson, I went with something simple just to get the point across on how to use this site. I used addition since I also want to teach younger grades such as kindergarten and 1st grade. Throughout the video, you can pause at any given time and you may add a voice recording, a comment and a question. In my video, I couldn't show how to use the recording since I was in the process of using my microphone for my screencast. But there are buttons you can click if you are struggling and it will show you how to use the recording. You can record a comment or a little lecture and maybe word the sentence in an easier way if the video isn't making it very clear.

When you create a question, it can be either an open-ended, multiple choice or a short answer. As a teacher, you can create those questions. As a student, you must answer those questions but cannot create them. I chose EDpuzzle because as a future educator, it's definitely something I could use often and it's so simple!

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