Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Smackdown Tool # 2

  The web tool that I had chosen for my smackdown is Storybird. Storybird is a visual storytelling community. It is also a global hub of readers, writers, and artists of all ages. The website is user friendly. You get to choose the artwork you would like to implement into your story or poetry. You also get to choose how many pages and different artwork. Incorporates everyone into their storytelling community. From educators, parents, artists, writers to fundraising. Everyone can use Storybird.

  • Educators can use Storybird for all ages and grades. Educators can use Storybird to inspire their students to be creative and imaginative in creating storybooks andor grades K-5 educators can have their students create picture books. For grades 5-9, students can create longform chapter books. It is a fun way to incorporate the classroom lesson into something creative. 
  • Parents can find Storybird to be beneficial to your child’s imagination, writing skills and confidence. Storybird offers monthly writing challenges. This helps your child become more engage in their creativity while boosting their writing skills. 
  • Artist can benefit from Storybird. Artist can receive exposure. Just one piece of art work can be used in thousands of stories. The artists get to have copyrights over their own artwork. Also, artist can receive royalty. They receive 30-50% royalty every time their artwork is used in a storybook or poetry that is sold from the site. 
  • Writers can use Storybird to share their stories. By sharing their stories writers can receive feedback. They are also able to interact with the Storybird community. 
  • Fundraising can be done through the Storybird website. Students create and write their original books and poetry. From their teachers can turn on the fundraising option and pick a start date and a date when the fundraiser ends on. Individuals can log onto Storybird read and purchase the student’s creations. Which could be hardcover books, softcover books, stationaries, journal and art products and art prints. Schools receive 30% of the sales. Then the orders get delivered to the classroom in 4-6 weeks. 

Overall, I am excited to have discovered Stroybird and I look forward to using it in the future once I become an educator. I think it is a wonderful way to get students, parents, involved and even have the option of raising money for the school. 

                                                Check out the site at Storybird!

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