Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Digital Storytelling

I started my digital storytelling assignment with my three Toon Doos.

1.) I miss surfing was the first Toon Doo that I had created. I always grew up living by the Jersey shore. When I was younger one of my favorite hobbies was surfing. I do miss it, however, the older I get the less I miss how bad a wipe out hurts.

2. ) The second Toon Doo that I created was about soccer. I started playing soccer when I was 3 years old. I would be put onto the field and start crying. However, I stayed with the sport. I played on rec, travel, select, school, college and now a women's adult league. I love the opportunities that soccer has provided me that I became a girls high school soccer coach.

3.) The third Toon Doo that I had created was how I meet my boyfriend. I went out to Denver University about 9 years ago and met him at a party. For years we stayed in touch through the internet and phone calls. Eventually our paths crossed again and we have been together ever since. Our long distance relationship was well worth it. He now lives in NJ with me.

We had to choose 3 other sources to create digital stories. I had chosen Pixton, Picture Book Maker and Smilebox.

1.) Pixton: I created this comic strip about vikings. When I was looking at the Pixton site it gave an option of vikings. I am Norwegian, so it gave me the idea to come up with this little comic about the vikings leaving Norway to find new land. I found this app to be a lot of fun and user friendly.

2.) Picture Book Maker: I created a story about a penguin named Pengy. I got the name for the penguin from my friend's 5 year old son. One day when I was babysitting him, I brought him to Jenkinson's aquarium. I bought him a penguin stuffed animal and he named it Pengy. Then I thought about how the animals behave after closing time. I just changed it up a little and made it a zoo scene.

Closing Time Means Party Time

3.) My final digital story telling webtool I used was Smilebox. I decided to base it around my last trip to Europe. I visited Lisbon, Portugal, Czech Republic, Munich, Germany and Amsterdam, Netherlands. I enjoyed using Smilebox because it was easy to use and I enjoyed seeing some of my vacation photos as a video! I enjoyed how I can make videos out of my photos. However, I wish you didn't have to sign up for a premium account to be able to share my creations.


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