Sunday, August 6, 2017

Zones of Optimal Functioning

                                           Zones of Optimal Functioning

     According to our class slides zones of optimal functioning is an idea in sports psychology that each individual has his/her own inverted U-curve. I found this to be interesting because I coach a girls high school soccer team. So, anything related to sports psychology catches my attention. I have to some how be in control of all the girls as a whole, but at the same time remembering that each of them have their own methods. Their own methods on what helps them perform better or what motivates them compared to what will do the opposite. 

    I also take into consideration they are high school girls, they have a lot of stress and anxiety going on. My goal is for them to use that and help them perform better. The high school I coach at is a catholic high school, so they believe in saying a prayer before each game. This concept is to help them come together and get their mind set for the game. I found this article and thought it was interesting;

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