Sunday, August 6, 2017



  As our class slides mentioned, addiction is an intense craving, seeking out and use of a particular drug. As many know there is a huge controversy over if it is a disease or a choice. I am not one to judge, nor want to place blame on either side. This is because part of me never had the urge to try drugs, nor even a cigarette. So, I personally do not understand what individuals that do choose to use a substance feels. Another part of me has watched friends fall into drugs and even to the point of addiction. I do feel that addiction does lead to hurting more than just the individual with the addiction. Their loved ones suffer too. They become concerned and want to help. However, you can only help those who want help. The loved ones are afraid of pushing them away or not being able to "save" them.

   When individuals hear the word "addiction" the first things that come to mind are drugs, nicotine, or alcohol. All substances that are easy to abuse. Many are quick to pass judgement, which I find rather ironic. I find it to be rather ironic because those are not the only things that are addictions. For example, how many people feel naked or lost without their smartphones?! Some individuals can not go a short period of time without their phone. To me that is an addiction too. So, before one passes judgement on others, they should take a step back and see that they too may have their own issue. Everyone makes a poor choice at times, we would like to hope it doesn't end poorly.

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