Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Nonverbal Communication

Ever have that "ability" to communicate with a really good friend of yours without actually saying anything? Some people claim that they share a sort of "telepathy" with a specific person and can relay messages without saying a single word to them. How does this happen? We find that this form of communication is stronger with those we have a good relationship with, mainly because those we appreciate more share the same behaviors as we do. That sort eye shrug followed by rolling your eyes can say so many different things without verbally speaking. This is what we call nonverbal communication, and is a learned social behavior.

Nonverbal communication is essentially the language technique used to convey meaning and information to others by way of facial expressions, gestures, eye gaze, nodding your head, appearance, and a large number of things. These forms of communication vary as many of us use them differently. For example, if we are sad and want someone to know about it, we may frown or cry. If we want to get someones attention, we may wave our hands, snap our fingers, or wink at them. Me and my best friend usually have a way of communicating when certain people walk in the room, where one of us will shoot the other a look and we automatically know what were saying. But the beauty of it is we are on the same page almost all the time. To me, this is largely due to our ability to share the same behaviors.

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